Pool House Designs: My Three Best Options

Finding the right pool house can be a challenge, and, due to the cost of construction, most people only have one chance to get it right. This is a challenge I know all too well myself, as I have been considering adding an addition to my pool. Although I like to think I have an eye for design, I am not an architect, nor can I afford to hire one. I am not afraid of a hammer and a couple of nails, however, and a blueprint set or a pre-fabricated pool house kit seems like the best options for me. I have spent the last month poring over pool house designs, trying to figure out which is the best and I have narrowed it down to my top three contenders.

Summerwood Products Surfside

Summerwood Products offers a variety of pre-fabricated pool cabana kits, but my favorite by far is the Surfside model. The warm, cherry-colored wood paired with the turquoise roof and bar stools is what attracted me first to the picture. Should I choose to buy this one, I will probably try to match the color scheme. The idea that the kit comes with all of the building materials needed is also an enticing factor, since most pool house designs come with little more than blueprints and instructions. The built in outdoor bar area is another plus. While the small size makes this perfect for my small yard, I am cautious of committing to a pool house that is not large enough to hang out in. This is a great cabana, however, if you only need the interior for storage and changing clothes.

Coventry Pool and Garden

Coventry Pool and Garden House Plans also features a wide variety of pool house designs, although these are more of the blueprint-instructions variety. In some ways, I prefer this type of plan, since it allows me to choose my own color scheme and the types of wood and siding that I use. The pool house on the cover of the book has a beautiful, classical look and while it is not a simple construction job, it is open and airy inside, perfect for relaxing out of the sun on a hot day. This looks like the top in luxury pool house designs and I can imagine incorporating it into my total pool area design, with underwater swimming pool lights and white pool lounge chairs.

Wise Home Design

Finally, Wise Home Design offers numerous advice tidbits and inspiring pictures on their website, as well as a number of pool house designs. Their designs are more general and practical, meaning that I am expected to do a lot of the designing myself. While I find this prospect terrifying, it is also somewhat exciting and I imagine that their expert design tips will help me make the tough decisions. Their website also offers numerous accessories, such as swimming pool solar lights, that can bring the whole pool area together.

All three pool house designs are great options and I have not yet decided which to go with. In the end, it will come down to how much work I feel like putting into it. If I want something easy, I will go with Summerwood Products. If I am willing to put in a little more effort, I will choose Coventry Pool and Garden. For the ultimate customization, I will design my own with the aid of Wise Home Designs. Whichever I choose, I am sure to love my new pool house.

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