Plus Size Tankini Swimwear

As a woman, it can be difficult to find the right swimsuit to help me feel confident at the beach or the pool. Teeny bikinis are unflattering, but a one piece swimsuit feels dowdy. A tankini is a great choice, letting me show a little skin without feeling as if I am showing too much or showing bits I would rather hide. Tankinis come in a lot of the same great colors and patterns that other swimsuits do. Unlike those, they offer a little more coverage and a more comfortable fit.

As a fuller figured girl, I am much happier with a swimsuit that does not bind uncomfortably anywhere, and that I am not afraid of falling out of. The new mix and match swimsuit sets are great. I can pick bottoms that show off my legs, or get a cute swim skirt. Match that to a plus size tankini top instead of a bikini top. It makes me feel secure and pretty. The longer cut and wider straps on a tankini offer a lot more support than the standard bikini top. They are also more comfortable, and do not bite in the way the ties on a normal swimsuit top might. They are also a lot cuter than the standard one piece, especially when designed for larger girls. Most plus size one piece swimwear adds too many ruffles or skirts to hide the unflattering look of the cut. Tankinis are a lot more comfortable to leave the beach in. Instead of adding a lightweight, sheer swim dress that does not actually cover anything and clings, throwing a cute summer skirt on over the bottom half of the swimsuit gets me from sunning to hanging out or running errands. I do not have the hassle of finding a changing room, or worse, trying to change in the car, especially if the destination is just home or the grocery store from a day by the water.

Tankini swimwear can be found in any color of the rainbow, and in flattering patterns designed to make you look slimmer. It can be found online or in store, and in a variety of price ranges, from bargain to high end designer swimwear. At any age and any body shape, tankinis are a fun, comfortable, alternative to boring one pieces and uncomfortable bikinis. Go out to any boutique or clothing store and pick out a cute tankini set, some fun water shoes for women, and prepare to spend the summer confidently lounging pool side.

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