Non Prescription Glasses Can Look Great

I love shopping for reading glasses. There are many different styles to try depending on my mood or outfit or event what image I want to project that day. I buy my non prescription glasses at discount stores but sometimes find them at specialty shoppes as well. Cheap non prescription glasses are easy to find and can look just as terrific as their designer counterparts.

Designer Styles

I am a big fan of the designer non prescription glasses in styles including the Tiffany blue which highlights the blueberry look of my daughter’s eyes. These glasses have such a beautiful shade they can highlight any blue eyes. While these are more expensive, they are worth the price for a fabulous look you cannot get anywhere else.

I love the look of the Jimmy Choo glasses, which rival the shoes for their unique designs. The prices start around $250 and go higher. I love the striped design, which looks like a wild animal. These are great glasses to keep in my handbag and bring with me to luncheon meetings or award dinners.

Cheaper Brands

When I buy non prescription glasses I often go to a department store or even a warehouse style shops. I have found incredibly beautiful styles at minimal cost by shopping frequently. While the quality may not be as good, the styles are fun and disposable. These are the styles of glasses I keep scattered throughout my house, to use when I need them. If they break or I misplace them, another pair will do.

Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are a necessity for many for work or hobbies. These glasses do not need to be boring but can be fun and flattering unlike the designs of the past. Safety glasses are also available in non prescription styles which give the wearer a feeling that fashion counts along with safety. These can be everything from wrap around styles to over the glass styles for those who choose not to put in a prescription.

When I look for non prescription glasses to enhance my style or to help me get through the work day, I look for a style which makes me look good and feel good while being functional. While I love the designer styles, I purchase the cheaper versions as well to have a variety of colors and designs depending on my mood. I even buy retro looks to go with my mood or to wear for special parties. These glasses are fun and functional, all at the same time.

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